Vaz Valley White Dorper Stud is a family run business situated in Sheffield Tasmania in an area of rolling hills and gentle valleys. Vaz Valley started breeding Dorpers in 2005 and later settling on White Dorpers. Our stud ewes are run under commercial conditions of the North West coast of Tasmania and only supplemented when necessary, We select for good shedding, fast growing sheep paying particular attention to structural soundness and mothering abilities. Vaz Valley aims for customer satisfaction and to breed quality White Dorpers available for stud and commercial sheep producers. Vaz Valley White Dorpers is a Brucellosis free flock and are vaccinated against Ovine Johnes Disease.
Members of The Dorper Sheep Society since 2005
Reg. Flock No: WD342

Footrot Free
OJD Vacc 6 Points
Ovine Brucellosis Accreditation Number M442013.